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Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Chawn Murrah’s love for the Arts emerged at an early age. He was astonished with the works of great Artist such as Picasso and Van Gogh. In fact, Chawn received numerous awards for Art and Drafting throughout his high school career in the Atlanta Public School System. Refining his craft, he later studied at DeKalb Technical College and Art through several instructors throughout his life, in which he absorbed the acute interest to form his love for architecture and the design industry. Subsequently, Chawn cultivated his own visual and conceptual glossary that emerged in the creation of his astonishing works of art. Chawn considers himself a true Artisan because of his uniqueness to create such eclectic art designs as well as various elements from framework to furniture.


Chawn’s work can be found in both private and public art collections throughout the United States and abroad and has also been seen at Exhibitions such as: Robert Kent Galleries (2010-present); Red Gallery, Inc. (2009-2014); Highpoint, NC Hamilton Design District Spring & Fall (Red Gallery, Inc.) 2010-2013; 2012 Metropolitan Artists Market; 2012 Oakhurst Arts and Music Festival; High Point Fall & Spring Markets (Art Imaage) 2009-2010, Atlanta Merchandise Mart Trade Shows (Parker Marsh) 2004-2007, and Tania Gallery (Atlanta, GA) 2001. He is currently working on upcoming Exhibitions throughout the Southeast.

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